Welcome to Living In The Light Ministries

At Living In The Light Ministries we believe studying God's word daily is the key to spiritual growth. In the word we discover "Truth" vs "Reality" which is a life transforming revelation. Therefore we express "Our Motto" of "Step out of Tradition", "Always Expect a Miracle", and "Don't Limit God!"

Living In The Light Ministries was founded by Apostle Sherman Ledet Sr. in 1998. It started at his home with a small group meeting once a week to discuss the Bible in a small setting. Home Ministry began to grow rapidly so they moved to a Funeral Home Chapel in the Morgan City area. Later a building was purchased, and we are continuing to teach God's word. We believe that there is one God who exist eternally.

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Service and Location

Our Sundays begin with youth ministries @ 9 a.m. and regular service beginning @ 11 a.m.

Mondays @ 6 PM is Ministers in Training

Mondays @ 7 PM is Bible Study

Wednesdays @ 6 PM is Freedom Fellowship

We are located at 2106 Highway 182 East, Bayou Vista, LA 70380 . If there are any more questions please feel free to contact us at +985-395-3208 / 985-385-6955 / 985-518-1741

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Greetings everyone,
As we are about to take another step forward in leadership, the first thing I want to say is "Thank You Jesus!" 2015 has been a great year for the Ministry, however when you are doing God's work you're always in line for a new adventure. I remember reading as Jesus traveled so many areas doing what he had been sent to do, there was always something or someone waiting for him to pass by. That's why I call new and unexpected happenings, "adventures" we never know what God has in store for us. August is our Pastor's Anniversary and is set for the second Saturday of this month (August 8th @ 3:00 PM) Apostle Darren Williams of Flaming FIRE Church, New Orleans, LA, will be the guest speaker. Once again, our prayers & best wishes goes out to all school & college students for this up coming year. Happy Birthday and anniversary to everyone celebrating this month. As we come to a close, don't forget to, "Always tell somebody about Jesus". HE's the love of our life at Living in the Light Ministries.

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Come join us every Sunday at Living in the Light Ministries at 11 a.m. Our vision is to provide a safe environment where the biblical teachings are presented and everyone can experience the love and comfort found through an honest relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Address: 2106 HWY 182 E Bayou Vista
Telephone:  + 985-395-3208
FAX: +985-384-9916
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