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At Living In The Light Ministries we believe studying God's word daily is the key to spiritual growth. In the word we discover "Truth" vs "Reality" which is a life transforming revelation. Therefore we express "Our Motto" of "Step out of Tradition", "Always Expect a Miracle", and "Don't Limit God!"

Living In The Light Ministries was founded by Apostle Sherman Ledet Sr. in 1998. It started at his home with a small group meeting once a week to discuss the Bible in a small setting. Home Ministry began to grow rapidly so they moved to a Funeral Home Chapel in the Morgan City area. Later a building was purchased, and we are continuing to teach God's word. We believe that there is one God who exist eternally.

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Service and Location

Our Sundays begin with youth ministries @ 9 a.m. and regular service beginning @ 11 a.m.

Mondays @ 6 PM is Bible Study

Tuesday at 6 PM is Community Unity Prayer Service performed in conjunction with seven other local Churches, each Tuesday at a different location. Wednesdays @ 6 PM is Freedom Fellowship

We are located at 2106 Highway 182 East, Bayou Vista, LA 70380 . If there are any more questions please feel free to contact us at +985-395-3208 / 985-385-6955 / 985-518-1741

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Greetings Everyone,
The December 2018 Women of the Light Camp Meeting was a huge success! We would like to take this time to say, "thank you" to our host, Sis. Patricia W. Stewart for her obedience to the Spirit of God, on how to direct our Holiday Camp Meeting. Each monthly meeting is based on a woman from the Bible. Our mission is to enlighten the people on the fact that God also used certain women of the Bible to fulfill His purpose, even though it is not always mentioned in our weekly messages. As each speaker so dramatically presented their assigned character, they brought to life those particular women. There was also an awsome testimony by Sis. Genine Steib. This woman of God was healed of a brain tumor after the doctors told her family there was nothing else they could do. She said, her 81 yr. old aunt and the rest of her praying relatives called on King Jesus, and that's when God stepped in. The results of His healing power through faith and prayer had the doctors in an incredible, beyond belief, state of mind. Amen! The photos she shared on display were phenomenal. We could only give God high praises for what He had done. After two beautiful solo selections sung by Ms. Maniquwa Holmes, the quest speaker, Mrs. Somalia Brown, (Marriage & Athletic Coach, Author, and Spiritual Motivational Speaker) of Houston, Texas brought forth a dynamic message. She expressed the importance of today's women taking a stand in supporting their husbands, allowing them to be the head of the household, as is appropriate according to the word of God. Her book, Coach BIBI Brown, is filled with good information for strengthening marriages. In the book she talks about 5 daily techniques to improve your Wife Life! You would have had to be there to hear her testimonies on the many cycles God took her through in order to be where she is today. As I come to a close, I would like to say once again, thanks to all of you, Evangelist Jackie E. Brown, Ursula Holmes, Melanie Randle, Shannon Thomas, Tracela Clark, and Ronnell Stewart for taking time out of your busy schedules to share with us, your talents and gifts, during this Holiday Season. Love and Blessings,

Lady, Sally W. Ledet

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Come join us every Sunday at Living in the Light Ministries at 11 a.m. Our vision is to provide a safe environment where the biblical teachings are presented and everyone can experience the love and comfort found through an honest relationship with Jesus Christ.

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